Today I was going through my old journals and I was amazed by how far I have come as a person. I have been recently feeling that I have not been doing enough, not accomplishing success, and not bringing enough good into this crazy space. When I started reading my journals I recognized the things I have achieved. 3 promotions in 2 years, writing a book, successful launch of the book, traveling the world, removing negative people from life, and much more. I realized through reading my writings that I do not need validation from others on my successes. This is something that I struggle with but know it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I remember a time when I used to solely accomplish things because I wanted to get the praise or gratitude I was yearning for. Don’t get me wrong – I am not speaking in a narcissist way but more so in a way where I felt loved and appreciated by those closest to me. Putting myself first, has been my greatest accomplishment and I don’t plan on giving this one up anytime soon.


except from my journal:

“The light that passes through shows green screams of envy for your love. Have I not achieved enough? What more could I do to prove my worth to you? After years of trying to show my true self, I have finally seen through the light. There is nothing more for me to say – I see your truth plain as day. My worth is not enough for you but it s more than enough for me.”

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