Dirty 30

Turning 30 brings on emotions of sheer depression that I did not live up to my 8 year self and happiness that I made it through my bday festivities without a hospital visit. Well, sort of. I did manage to partially dislocate my knee cap – when in Rome right?! The joys of aging or trying to act like I haven’t aged, is a more truthful answer. At this age, I’ve overcome more than most due in their lifetime. But that’s a sob story for another day. I think I should start off this journey into a new decade by being positive and making copious lists of things for me to achieve by 30.5 or maybe 35. For the moment I will finish my glass of wine and look up self help books at the bar, as I try to hide the fact that I’m actually watching a date crash n burn. Till next time kiddos, live-laugh-twerk.

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